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AccuPoint HC

The AccuPoint ATP Monitoring System is based on the measurement of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a substance found in all living cells.

- Skin, bodily fluids and microbes all contain ATP
- After cleaning, the amount of ATP that remains is a direct indication of cleaning effectiveness

Easy to Use
- After an area is cleaned, a technician uses a self-contained sampler to swab a surface
- ATP is collected on sampler tip
- Sampler is placed in the AccuPoint instrument and the reading is completed in 30 seconds
- The result appears as a number and symbol for Pass, Marginal or Fail
- Results are stored along with the area, room number, test site, housekeeper, time and date

Once the readings have been taken, results can be transferred to the Windows-compatible Data Manager software for:
- Tracking and trending data to spot potential problem areas
- Documentation of cleaning status
- Audit review
- Performance appraisals
- Epidemiological support
- Infection control focus